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Limpid & co

For close to 20 years, I have been working in the field of innovation and engagement. At last, I created the company I longed for...Limpid & co.

Innovation and transformation are the current buzz words and will probably remain this in the coming decade. The 4th industrial revolution has kicked off and promises exponential growth to those who are ready for it.


All good when you read about it, but we know that transforming your business can be quite overwhelming.


We are Limpid & co. We future-proof your company. We make sure you will keep on delivering added value for your customers.  Together with us, you will disover that what you need is (mostly) there in your organization even if you cannot detect it right now. We help you uncover what you need (more), but we do not leave it at that! We close the gap between why, what and the how.

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